UFA Ving Tsun Martial Arts

UFA Ving Tsun Martial Arts, home of the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kuen Hok Association of Canada (WSLVT Canada), was founded in 2007, continues to provide professional instruction in Chinese Kung Fu and Self Defense known as Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) under the teaching of Sifu Asiatic J. Delos-Reyes, who is a disciple and senior overseas representative of Master Cliff Au Yeung.

Master Cliff Au Yeung is a senior disciple of the late Grand Master Wong Shun Leung.

Together, Sifu Asiatic and Master Cliff Au Yeung founded the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kuen Hok Association of Canada in order to preserve and pass on the traditions known as the Wong Shun Leung Method (WSLVT Method).

Ving Tsun is a Simple, Direct, and Efficient Combat and Self Defense system for Men, Women, and Children of any size or fitness level.

The ideas of Ving Tsun Pugilism :

Ving Tsun Philosophy
If you cannot create a win-win situation then there are only two situations left to you :
win or lose, advantage or disadvantage.
VingTsun always provides you a positive way to handle these conditions.

If you stand in a fair condition or sure win condition to fight, you should know how to get the hightest advantage.
If you stand in an unfair condition or sure lost condition to fight, you should know how to cut loss or survive.

Ving Tsun Principle

There are three major VingTsun Principles. They interact as a triangular relationship.
Simplicity — It concerns to the movements how to be acted in simple way instead of complicated.
Directness — It concerns to the path of target how to be run straight instead of indirectly.
Efficiency — It concerns to power control, power creation and power application.

The Wong Shun Leung Method

Master Wong Shun Leung devoted his life to Ving Tsun research and development for over forty years. By his studying, teaching, and combat experiences, he sought to find the truth in combat through Ving Tsun.

Wong Shun Leung's Ving Tsun is a very direct and scientific fighting technique but that is not all. According to Master Wong Shun Leung saying,"Ving Tsun is not only a kind of fighting technique, but a way of life". Before master Wong Shun Leung passed away, he named his Ving Tsun idea to "Ving Tsun Pulgilism" — the W.S.L. method.